We are hiring: Food Sovereignty Coordinator

The Food Sovereignty Coordinator  is primarily responsible for the coordination of food security efforts on the farm. The preferred candidate will have a strong work ethic, be well organized, have good communication skills, and be able to work both independently and in a team setting.  Responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinate distribution of produce to local community partners and includes communications, recordkeeping, and deliveries.
  • Oversee washing and packing of crops for distribution to  donations, the farm stand, CSA members, and wholesale accounts including our Farm to School program.
  • Coordinate and establish distribution schedules and donations in collaboration with community partners.
  • Manage the Prescription CSA program in partnership with Saratoga Hospital’s Community Health Center.
  • Help support and staff the farm stand, managing donations distributed through the Healthy Alliance referral program.

For the full job description and info on how to apply, click here!

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