Pick-Your-Own CSA

As part of our mission, we seek to try innovative new strategies to engage the public in supporting local agriculture. In 2019, we piloted a Pick Your Own CSA, a unique model to this region. We offer a Main Season membership, which runs from the end of June through September. 

From the end of June through September, at only $35 per week, you'll enjoy harvesting your very own share of the freshest, nutrient-dense vegetables while getting outside, getting dirty, and getting involved in our community. We grow a selection of summer classics like tomatoes, lettuce, squash, beans, cucumbers, and carrots, while mixing in less-common but no-less-delicious crops such as husk cherries, tomatillos, scallions, kohlrabi, and more. Included in your membership is a weekly bouquet of wildflowers that you select from the field. 

Help us support our community and food security efforts by contributing to our Feed-A-Friend Campaign. All donations will directly fund CSA shares. These shares will be given to constituents of area organizations, such as Shelters of Saratoga.

2024 Wait List


  1. Join in the annual rhythms of farm life.
  2. Make a season-long commitment to YOUR community farm and help to ensure the success of our mission.
  3. Cultivate a meaningful relationship with the Farm and with your fellow community members.
  4. Feel proud to invest in your community, health, and local economy.
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