We are hiring!

We are hiring: Community Gardens & Engagement Manager and Communications, Marketing & Development Manager!
The Community Gardens Manager manages the 100+ bed Pitney Meadows Community Gardens, associated garden and educational lands, comprising an educational, community gathering, and edible working landscape. The gardens are frequently the first place of contact and welcoming for new visitors to the farm; the farm serves as a social, peaceful, and comforting place. As such, the Gardens and educational programs should also reflect those attributes. The Manager serves as an ambassador for the farm and an advocate for the Pitney Meadows community, both for visitors who come to the farm as well as externally in the greater community. THis is a full-time, 40 hour/week position.
The Communications Manager supports our growing needs for outreach and engagement with our various audiences.  Communications, marketing and development are key to the successful growth of PMCF programs, as well as engaging volunteers, donors, customers, community leaders, businesses and mission-related partner organizations. PMCF seeks to spread news and information about a wide variety of topics, including sustainable agriculture, health, food security, and the environment. Applicants must be enthusiastic, able to work independently, highly responsive, and strategic. This is a 30-40 hour/week position.
For the full job descriptions, head to: www.pitneymeadows.org/work-with-us
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