Sarah Mytelka

Sarah has spent the better part of her career advocating for health equity within and across historically marginalized communities. Deeply involved in Medicaid redesign, Sarah works as the Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategy for Healthy Alliance – an organization leading the way in shifting focus from singular medical interventions to a more proactive approach that addresses the whole needs of a person on a much larger scale. Before joining Healthy Alliance, Sarah served as the Manager of Analytics for Better Health for Northeast New York – Albany Medical Center’s performing provider system (PPS) formed under New York’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program. Sarah earned her Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Data Analytics from Clarkson University Graduate School and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Global Business Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from Manhattan College.

“From the homegrown farm stand and the beautiful walking trails I explore with my husky and family year-round, to the food sovereignty work touching so many in our community, and the mission-driven team that brings it all to life – Pitney Meadows is such a special cornerstone of Saratoga. This little ‘farm in the city’ and the food system that it’s a part of – it connects us all.
Local, nutritious, and accessible food builds healthier communities. For me, it’s important to help pinpoint sustainable ways to ensure all that goodness continues. What an honor it is to play a small part in the farm’s grander story – I am eager to lend a helping hand, grow with and within, and become a student of the farm.”

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