Jennifer Alexander

Jen is a dedicated community member with a passion for people, education, and fostering relationships. She is a mother of two and actively involved in local organizations centered around youth including Saratoga Youth Safe Space, SEEN, and various school district committees.

Jen holds a Juris Doctor from The University of Maryland School of Law and has worked representing clients in employment cases, special education, and civil litigation. In her free time, you will find her spending time with family, friends, and her pups and volunteering. She loves travelling, the beach, gardening, and tending to her plants.

“Pitney Meadows is important to me because it is a foundation for community connection and support. It goes beyond farming and provides sustenance for those who need it most. I also value the role Pitney Meadows has played in being a place to come together, provide programming for our youth, and be a support for other community organizations. I have enjoyed gardening, attended youth programs with my children, and getting exercise walking around the farm.”

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