Cass Skarka

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cass Skarka, a Colorado native turned New Englander, is a passionate advocate for food justice, dedicated to creating sustainable systems that empower communities and promote socio-economic and ecological equity. With a background in Food Studies and Public Action, Cass has explored topics such as food justice, sovereignty, and access while honing expertise in community development and engagement.

During her undergraduate studies in Southern Vermont, Cass immersed herself in experiential learning and research aimed at reversing societal injustices through multidisciplinary approaches, with a focus on utilizing food as a catalyst for change. Through innovative projects and collaborations, Cass has contributed to building community resilience and local food sovereignty. Cass has led and aided in the implementation of many sustainable programs and projects alike to locally sourced communal meals, skill-building workshops, creation of kitchen kits, free community micro-farm-markets, cookbook writing, and the creation of a mobile kitchen to empower individuals and communities with nutritional and place-based agency.

Cass brings a wealth of experience in creative storytelling, food justice, and community engagement to Pitney Meadows and is excited to "plant" herself in the team and aid in the stride towards stewarding the land for the community to be the most vibrant edible and educational working ecosystem possible!

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