On the Move on the Farm

Farming means being on the move, between fields, doing maintenance, picking up and dropping off supplies, harvesting, and getting our produce to the community. A generous community effort has enabled us to acquire four pre-owned vehicles to get our farmers and volunteers around the 166 acre farm and into the community in the most efficient way possible. That means more time spent growing and more produce for food pantries, senior programs, and schools as we continue to increase the land we are cultivating for our Grow to Give program.

Now Bill Pitney can more easily transport equipment he needs to maintain the Farm across long distances in one of the two golf carts. This one bears Bill’s name, to show the respect and love we all have for him and all he continues to do as a steward for this land. The other cart will get our crew back and forth across the fields and save much- needed time during planting, tending, and harvesting.

A 2017 Ford Transit van is going to be invaluable as we expand our Grow to Give program. Although we get pickups from the Food Pantries for the Capital District, we can begin to deliver produce to the other organizations we partner with, such as schools and senior programs. And a used Ford F-350 dump truck will do a lot of heavy lifting around the land, with a plow that will help clear the Farm of snow during the winter.

Our special thanks to the team who generously supported this effort. The entire PMCF board realized the need for vehicles, dug down in a time of economic uncertainty and approved the expenditure of resources. PMCF trustee Peter Goutos of CASmith Environmental Services, coordinated the needs assessment, specification and logistics for the Farm. Chris and Larry Kelley, of Five Star Golf Cars in Queensbury provided custom refurbished carts at a discount to the Farm. Mark Harrison, a Saratogian, donated the resources of TI Automotive in Ticonderoga to source, buy, transport and rebuild the van and truck. And our friend Adam Wakulenko at Adirondack Signs provided customized logos for all vehicles. To all who collaborated with and supported us in this effort, our heartfelt thanks!

Woman standing in front of a white van


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