Caroline Stem Cycling Fundraiser

Thank you, Caroline Stem, for cycling for good! Joining members of her cycling group who wanted to help raise money for various local charities during the COVID-19 crisis, Caroline took on a 200-mile bike challenge and raised $900+ from family and friends for Pitney Meadows and our Grow to Give program. Caroline, who works for a worldwide conservation organization, has been a member of a large cycling group since she moved to Saratoga in 2002. The group traditionally rides on Wednesday evenings and follows up the ride with social time. “One of group leaders sent an email out saying, ‘If we can’t ride in a big group and socialize together, how about we challenge ourselves during the first two weeks of May to ride for charity?’”

How did Caroline choose Pitney Meadows as the organization she wanted to support? “I think Pitney does great work. And I love gardening and have done it for 25 years or so, growing our own vegetables and fruits,” Caroline says. “I wanted to do something to support local people who are going through hard times right now. I was interested in supporting food banks, and then I found out about Pitney’s Grow to Give program. The program seemed like a perfect fit—it combines my interest in gardening with my interest in getting people (kids, families, our community) closer to the land and in touch with where our food comes from.”

Riding through fair weather and a good bit of spring rain and wind, Caroline hit 221 miles during her challenge. Supporters picked their own donation per mile. At first, she was a little reluctant to ask people to support the challenge, but another member of her group put it in perspective, says Caroline. “My friend said, ‘There are a lot of people who want to do something for others, but don’t know how. And there’s not a lot I can do right now, but I can ride my bike.”’ That convinced Caroline to join the challenge. Thanks, Caroline, for riding for our community!

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