New Greenhouses Keep Us Growing

Towards our goal of expanding our growing capacity in order to further increase our donations to food pantries and programs across the county, we are adding two new greenhouses. These 30-by-96-foot structures (currently on their way to the Farm) will help us to extend the growing season. In the fall we plan to grow spinach, lettuce, pac choi (also known as bok choy), kale, and tatsoi. If you aren’t familiar with tatsoi (pictured here) we hope you soon will be. It’s a wildly popular Asian green that, like spinach, has a slightly sweet flavor and a smooth texture, and you can use it in any dish where you’d typically add spinach. We’ll let you know when preorders are available. In the spring we will transition to vegetable propagation in the greenhouses.

Because of the greenhouses’ sturdy square-tube bow-and-truss design and twin poly-inflated roof system system, they are versatile, energy efficient, and heavy duty to help withstand heavy weather. They also have a roll-up curtain system to allow for natural ventilation We’re very excited to have this opportunity to grow more and grow even better.

Photo by Darlene Roelofsen/Flickr Creative Commons

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