2024 Sponsors

All proceeds from Fire Feast go toward our various farm programs. We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for their support!

Conservation Catalyst

Trail Blazer

Community Builder

Farm Steward

Next Generation

Charles Schwab Saratoga Springs

Elizabeth Sobol and Jorge Gomez

C. Murray Penney and Arliss Nygard

Munter Enterprises

Christopher Dailey Foundation



Seed Sower

Stewart's Shops

Saratoga Hospital 

Peter Martin and Christine Alexander

Karim Becker and Rob Droege

Dr. Christine A. Rowe-Button

Pam Abrams and Paul Kligfield

Jeanette Dunn

Carly Connors

Aim Services, Inc.




Fire Feast Planning Committee

We would like to extend a special thank you to our Fire Feast Planning Committee:

Bart Altamari

Jennifer Alexander

Cathy Allen

Lori Bellingham

Christy Foster

Denise Frandino

Susan Gombert

Rita Grant

Lisa Lehman

Gianna Bonacio

Susan Fairchild

Dan Graham

Matt Kopans

Kathryn Klanderman

Brooke McConnell

Event Produced by Kim Klopstock, Lily & the Rose and Studio518

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