Community Farm Days

Our Farm Team invites you to join us for one or more of our upcoming Community Farm Days, a new series intended to immerse community members in meaningful work in partnership with our farmers. Come out for a day of friendly collaboration on the Farm! You’ll work side-by-side with our farmers, learn our best practices by putting them into action, and directly support your community farm.


To learn more or to register for the first event on Friday, May 12th, please click here. Registration is also open for the Community Farm Day on Thursday, June 22nd.


If you are interested in supporting our food sovereignty efforts, please consider establishing a regular volunteer schedule! Volunteers are needed through the main growing season to help with produce harvesting, processing, packing, and/or distribution to our thirteen community partners across Saratoga County including food pantries, community centers, schools, and senior centers.


If you're interested in joining us on a more regular basis please contact our Food Sovereignty Coordinator, Daniel, at

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