Clynk: And We're Off!

We're using clynk for change!A few weeks into our fundraising initiative with Clynk and we already have money coming in! Thanks to all who have starting filling the green bags with bottles/cans and dropping them off at Hannaford to benefit Pitney Meadows.

So what can I do?  If you haven't already, register online with It’s free! You also get a coupon for a free box of bags and tags in the mail upon signup.

After starting with Clynk, you will never go back to standing and feeding the can or bottle monster. Now we can all be a little greener for the local environment while supporting Pitney Meadows!

If 10 Families fill the average bag of $3 worth of deposit containers and go once a month to Hannaford, it could be $300 a year in donations! If we could get 100 families doing Clynk, it could be $30,000 a year! That would be a huge accomplishment for the community with just small donations that make your recycling life easier too.

GO CLYNK! Tell your friends and neighbors to help us grow!

P.S. Please remember to go online and donate to Pitney Meadows from your account before the end of every Quarter and the only drop-sites at conveniently located at all Hannaford's.

Where can I find more recyclables? Picnics, Sporting events, Party events, Work, Parks, Municipal buildings, Concerts, Ball games, in the shed, at Mom’s garage, etc. just keep your eyes out to help us and others do the “Green Thing”.

Have questions? Email us at

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