A CSA Prescription for Your Health


Imagine going to your doctor and getting a prescription for healthy food to prevent and reduce diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that may be diet related. At the Farm, we are not only imagining it but currently developing plans for Prescription CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Fresh Produce Rx programs. In these programs, participants would receive a prescription for a weekly box of our Farm’s nutrient-dense fresh vegetables, get to know new vegetable varieties and learn ways to cook with them. We are now reaching out to potential community partners and will keep you posted on further developments as the programs take shape!

Pitney Meadows would like to give special recognition and thanks to health-insurance provider CDPHP (Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan) for their support and commitment to our mission of promoting eating nutritious vegetables as a key part of health, and for their support of these upcoming programs.

Want to know more about prescription CSAs and produce Rx programs? Read this story from Civil Eats.



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