What Members Say About Our Pick-Your-Own CSA

Thinking of joining our CSA, but not quite sure? There may be no better recommendation for just about anything than word of mouth (think Yelp!). So we asked our CSA members to tell us about their experiences. We hope after reading what they have to say you’ll take the plunge, for the freshest veggies (and flowers) straight from our fields, with Main Season and Fall Season plans. For more details and to sign up, click here.

“Our family's first year of CSA membership was amazing!   It opened our eyes to fresh foods in a way I didn't imagine possible. I found that I began to enjoy the entire process—from picking and cleaning our veggies to preparing our meals—so much more!  I never realized the difference REALLY FRESH veggies can make!  My favorite image is of my counter covered in bright, colorful veggies with our family's dirty boots on the porch!  The farm also provided a new way for me to connect with new community members in a meaningful way, along with my family members. My sister, her kids, me & my kids would all pick together weekly.  During such a trying period for us all, PMCF provided a clean, healthy sanctuary!  I will definitely be signing up for 2021 and beyond!” —Sarah Dorsey

“My husband, David, and I have been CSA members for the past two seasons and have been involved with Pitney Meadows since the start.

Being a CSA member of Pitney has been a most wonderful experience. We are only a few blocks away, so it is really like having a farm in our own backyard.  Being able to pick what we like to eat, bring it home, and eat it has been terrific.  As David said after going for the first time,  “It is like when I went and harvested at my grandmothers’ farm as a child.”

The best is when I pick my basil there, come home and make fresh pesto and then have it on pasta that night. Or picking tomatoes and cucumbers and going home to have a fresh summer salad.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that!” — Ellen Aimone

A trip to Pitney Meadows Farm always lifts the spirits. My family has done the CSA for two years now and, boy, do we enjoy it. Once you start consuming locally grown vegetables, you will find the typical grocery store veggies less than desirable in taste. My husband and I always enjoy walking through the rows, finding ‘the best looking’ melon or head of broccoli. Another great pleasure is seeing our young adult children enjoying the produce. My daughter’s face lit up with pure joy when she yanked some carrots out of the ground. And my son, who is about to move from our home into his first adult place says, ‘But Mom, I still want to get my veggies from the farm!’ In these dark and dreary days of January, we’ve just signed up for our third season on the farm and we are already looking forward to it!” —Jennifer Engborg
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