Welcome to Wondering, Wandering Wednesdays

Welcome to Wondering, Wandering Wednesdays, our new weekly series of fun and educational activities for kids and adults. They will appear each Wednesday on both on our Facebook and Instagram pages and here on our website. Developed by Brittany and Flannery Denny, members of the Farm's Education Committee and professionals who are recognized for integrating the arts with outdoor education, local resources and landscapes, the program will offer new ways to explore the natural world of the Farm and our own backyards through activities such as studying the science of snow, identifying animal tracks, feeding birds, and preserving the edible harvest.

For our first Wondering, Wandering Wednesday, we ask:

Who's at the Farm? Finding Tracks in the Snow

We aren't the only ones who love to play in the snow! Learn to read the landscape for the clues our neighbors leave behind. Turn on your hawk eyes, look for animal tracks, and share what you find with us. Tag #explorePMCF. Learn all about animal tracks in the books shown here (and detailed below):

and at the New York State Parks site: "Which Track is That? A Look At Winter Animal Tracks Throughout the State Parks."  

Books to check out at our local bookshops:

Animals in Winter, by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard van Gelder

Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner and Silas Neal

Tracks, Scats, and Signs, by Leslie Dendy

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