Welcome to the Team!

As we embark on another season of growth and connection, it brings us immense joy to extend a warm welcome to our new Staff and Board Members. Each member joining us brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and passion for cultivating positive change within our community. Together, we stand committed to nurturing not only the land but also the relationships that form the very fabric of our Community Farm!

Please help us welcome Jennifer Alexander and Sarah Mytelka to our Board.

Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander is a dedicated community member with a passion for people, education, and fostering relationships. She is a mother of two and actively involved in local organizations centered around youth including Saratoga Youth Safe Space, SEEN, and various school district committees.

Jennifer holds a Juris Doctor from The University of Maryland School of Law and has worked representing clients in employment cases, special education, and civil litigation. In her free time, you will find her spending time with family, friends, and her pups and volunteering. She loves traveling, the beach, gardening, and tending to her plants.

Pitney Meadows is important to me because it is a foundation for community connection and support. It goes beyond farming and provides sustenance for those who need it most. I also value the role Pitney Meadows has played in being a place to come together, provide programming for our youth, and be a support for other community organizations. I have enjoyed gardening, attended youth programs with my children, and getting exercise walking around the farm."

Sarah Mytelka

Sarah Mytelka has spent the better part of her career advocating for health equity within and across historically marginalized communities. Deeply involved in Medicaid redesign, Sarah works as the Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategy for Healthy Alliance – an organization leading the way in shifting focus from singular medical interventions to a more proactive approach that addresses the whole needs of a person on a much larger scale. Before joining Healthy Alliance, Sarah served as the Manager of Analytics for Better Health for Northeast New York – Albany Medical Center’s performing provider system (PPS) formed under New York’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program. Sarah earned her Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Data Analytics from Clarkson University Graduate School and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Global Business Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from Manhattan College.

“From the homegrown farm stand and the beautiful walking trails I explore with my husky and family year-round, to the food sovereignty work touching so many in our community, and the mission-driven team that brings it all to life – Pitney Meadows is such a special cornerstone of Saratoga. This little ‘farm in the city’ and the food system that it’s a part of – it connects us all. Local, nutritious, and accessible food builds healthier communities. For me, it’s important to help pinpoint sustainable ways to ensure all that goodness continues. What an honor it is to play a small part in the farm’s grander story – I am eager to lend a helping hand, grow with and within, and become a student of the farm.”

We also welcome two new members to the team, Dan Roberts stepping in as the new Director of Operations, and Cass Skarka, our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts brings professional experience in strategic planning and financial analysis to his work at Pitney Meadows. He is dedicated to the mission of enhancing access to healthy food, public space, and opportunities for meaningful work and fellowship in our community.

Prior to joining Pitney Meadows, Dan evaluated and implemented strategic and organizational initiatives at GlobalFoundries. Before working in an industry position, he spent ten years as a senior investment analyst, leading investment coverage in the packaging, building products, and gaming and lodging sectors for a large New York-based asset manager. Dan currently serves as a board member and volunteer for Gateway House of Peace, an end-of-life care home in Ballston Spa, and as a member of the finance committees for both Gateway House of Peace and First Presbyterian Church of Ballston Spa. He received his BS in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dan moved back home to the Capital Region with his wife in 2020 and they now reside in Ballston Spa with their infant son, dog, and four rambunctious chickens. He looks forward to Pitney Meadows becoming a second home for his growing family!

Cass Skarka

Cass Skarka, a Colorado native turned New Englander, is a passionate advocate for food justice, dedicated to creating sustainable systems that empower communities and promote socio-economic and ecological equity. With a background in Food Studies and Public Action, Cass has explored topics such as food justice, sovereignty, and access while honing expertise in community development and engagement.

During her undergraduate studies in Southern Vermont, Cass immersed herself in experiential learning and research aimed at reversing societal injustices through multidisciplinary approaches, with a focus on utilizing food as a catalyst for change. Cass has led and aided in the implementation of many sustainable programs and projects alike to locally sourced communal meals, skill-building workshops, creation of kitchen kits, free community micro-farm-markets, cookbook writing, and the creation of a mobile kitchen to empower individuals and communities with nutritional and place-based agency.

Cass brings a wealth of experience in creative storytelling, food justice, and community engagement to Pitney Meadows and is excited to "plant" herself in the team and aid in the stride towards stewarding the land for the community to be the most vibrant edible and educational working ecosystem possible!

Join us in celebrating the addition of these remarkable individuals who will undoubtedly enrich our collective journey of sowing the seeds of a vibrant, compassionate, spirited, and connected community!

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