Public trails are coming this spring to Pitney Meadows

The Pitney Meadows Trails Team has had many meetings with various stakeholders to begin discussing our trails and recreation plan for the Farm. We have had six separate meetings for stakeholders on the trail design so far.  Our Trails Committee consists of our trails committee (over 16 members), government officials and planners from the City and the County, school cross country coaches, neighbors of the Farm, members of other local recreation groups, bike, horse and running enthusiasts as well as others. Our Trails Committee is spearheaded by our Pitney Meadows Community Farm board member, Peter Goutos, Chair Trails Committee.  Peter is a local environmental engineer with a long history of supporting trail development and recreation efforts in our community.  Kim London, a founding board member and coordinator of the Farm's strategic plan is coordinating the integration of the trail program with the planned farming and educational initiatives. Committee response and attendance have been very good and we had opportunities for community feedback at our open meetings and at our community fundraiser at Artisanal Brewworks in February. Many great ideas were put forth.


Our Saratoga Springs trail and design consultant, Studio A—Landscape Architecture, D.P.C, has prepared a new draft plan with emphasis on perimeter trails, wildlife areas, features and future design elements. Several iterations later, we arrived at a unique design with a perimeter trail with a fishing pier, points of interest and a comprehensive trail design. We are also seeking easements to connect the farm access with the continuation of the Saratoga County Greenbelt Trail (SGT). The SGT transects the Farm along the former railroad line, it will connect the City's interior nine-mile loop to the planned outer trails including west Saratoga, Milton, Greenfield and the future Palmerton Ridge trail system.


The initial trail plan has been approved by our Board and we will continue to finalize the design, construction materials, and features. With generous funding by Ms. Kathy Pitney, we are set to begin on Phase 1 of the trail design in early spring. We will have our trail designs and will take input at our Community Forum on March 31st at the Waldorf School on Regent Street. One of the breakout groups will be Trails & Recreation.  Please join us!  For more information please contact us.


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