News from Joyce

We’re nearing completion of the 2019 expansion of the community gardens!  With the last of 40 new garden beds installed last week, the grading and landscaping remains as the final elements to complete the project.  Special thanks to the many volunteers who have devoted their time and talents over the past three years to build more than 100 garden beds for our community!


As done previously, children have planted a row of giant sunflowers along one side of the gardens as part of the sunflower contest held during the Fairy Gathering and Sunflower Measure on September 21st. Additional perimeter rows of sunflowers and annuals will soon be sprouting as well.


Special thanks to volunteer extraordinaire Jess Clauser for creating the Fairy Garden on the north side of the community gardens. This whimsical and imaginative place for children and adults is a perennial favorite.

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