Monthly Citizen Science Opportunities at the Farm


Citizen science is the participation of the public in scientific research. It engages the collective strength of communities to collect and analyze data , interpret results and even make new discoveries! Citizen science helps researchers fill gaps in data that would be otherwise hard to obtain and  increases environmental engagement in community spaces and resources. 

At Pitney Meadows Community Farm participation in citizen science projects will increase our awareness of the natural spaces of the 166 acre property; the different habitats and the community of plants and animals that utilize and inhabit the Farm. We will also explore the impact of human activity on these natural spaces through population counts or observations of the night skies, just to name a few. We will use many different websites and phone apps to help with data collection and reporting, like eBird or iNaturalist. 

Join us on the Farm for monthly Citizen Science opportunities. Check out our events calendar for more information and to register!

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