Meet Our New Board Members, Gina Peca and Sanjuktha Mohan

We are so pleased to welcome Sanjuktha (Sanju) Mohan and Gina Peca to our Board of Directors. Gina is President and Executive Director of the Catie Hoch Foundation and former Foundation Specialist for the Community Hospice of Saratoga. Sanju is Senior Business Analyst for innovative semiconductor maker GlobalFoundries and a former consultant to the Farm through the Skidmore-Saratoga Consulting Partnership. Each brings a wealth of talent and ingenuity to our Farm.

Headshot of Gina Peca

Gina Peca, a former attorney with experience ranging from the New York City Office of the Corporation Counsel to having served as a law guardian in Saratoga County Family Court, may be best known in the community for her work with the Catie Hoch Foundation assisting families dealing with pediatric cancer. Gina launched the foundation, named after her daughter, in 2000, after losing Catie to the disease. As a foundation specialist with the Community Hospice, Gina brought dynamic planning to fundraising event Touched by an Angel.

The daughter of onion and sod farmers in Batavia, New York, Gina is no stranger to farm life, and as a volunteer at the Franklin Community Center, she says, she appreciated the Pitney Meadows farm-to-food-pantry relationship.

"Saratoga is perceived as affluent," Gina says, "but there is a lot of poverty here. Pitney Meadows’ work to feed the hungry through these collaborations with community organizations like Franklin is amazing, and I wanted to be a part of it."

Headshot of Sanju Mohan

Sanju Mohan, a Senior Business Development Analyst at GlobalFoundries, brings her talent for defining, driving and executing transformation initiatives for business, as well as her passion for community-building and food security to Pitney Meadows.

For Sanju, being on the Board is an extension of a previous collaboration with our Farm. As an international student in management and business at Skidmore College, in 2018, Sanju was selected to be on the team of the Skidmore-Saratoga Consulting Partnership (SSCP), which worked with community businesses, including Pitney Meadows, to analyze current activities and strategies and make recommendations for growth and improvement. Many of the recommendations the team made for the Farm, including enhancing programs for children and families, and building relationships with fellow community organizations have led to some of our most successful endeavors.

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, to a family of food, beverage, and hospitality professionals, Sanju has committed herself to issues of food security both in India and in her current home of Saratoga.

"In India, I did work with NGOs and programs that helped children go to and stay in school," Sanju says. "One program provided two hot meals for students during the school day. It is so important that folks not only have food to eat but that they have access to healthy food. This is a big part of what Pitney Meadows is doing, and I am eager to help the Farm grow in this way and further build bridges to the greater community through its many programs."

Our thanks to Gina and Sanju for joining our team!

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