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Executive Director Job Description

Pitney Meadows Community Farm is growing and ready to hire an Executive Director to shepherd in the next phase of this amazing project.

Pitney Meadows Community Farm is a 166-acre working community farm using organic practices located in the heart of Saratoga Springs, NY. The Farm offers agricultural education opportunities, champions healthy food production and access, and fosters connections to the land through recreation for everyone in our community. We are seeking qualified candidates to serve as our executive director.

Community members grow their own produce in our 100-bed Community Gardens, supported by master gardeners and educational programs that engage children and people of all ages. In our 10-acre working farm field, visitors learn the vital importance of regenerative agriculture, healthy food, and food justice by directly interacting with the farm through our Farm-to-School project, Giving Garden, volunteer opportunities, and our season-long “Pick Your Own” CSA membership. We support the growth of a strong local food system through our Farm Store, Giving Garden, and support of local Farmer’s Markets and small farms in our region. We steward the land through careful preservation of our beloved farm buildings, public trail development, and continued learning and experimentation with sustainable agricultural practices.

Our farm is alive with creativity and dedicated community engagement. Focus on our strategic priorities is balanced with openness to community enthusiasm for new ideas and opportunities. As a start-up organization, our Board and staff work hand in hand to develop our vision and execute our mission. Above all else, we create community and change lives, bringing people together to celebrate, collaborate, and contribute to the future of one of Saratoga’s most valuable community assets.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Pitney Meadows’ staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission.

Qualifications, Skills, and Expertise

1.    Passionate about the Pitney Meadows’ Mission and Community Engagement. The Executive Director must be “driven” by the importance of the organization’s mission and its evolution to provide life-changing experiences and programs for the community, centered around growing a healthy community through the farm.

2.    Successful Executive Director Experience with Nonprofit Organizations. Past success working with a Board of Directors and growing staff; and the ability to cultivate board and staff member relationships.

3.    Ability to Scale Up. Track record of effectively leading and scaling an organization and staff, ideally with experience in a start-up non-profit organization.  Ability to develop and implement strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth.

4.    Think Strategically and Implement Tactically. See the big picture but be able to implement plans effectively in a phased manner to move the organization forward. Commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation.

5.    Enthusiastic Self-Starter with Stamina. The Executive Director must be a goal- driven “doer,” with a “can-do” approach, have a record of productivity, and possess a high degree of motivation and energy. Given that Pitney Meadows is a start-up organization, the Executive Director should expect long days of both physical and mental activity.

6.    Team builder. Ability to Accept and Motivate Others.  The ability to attract, engage, and inspire others, including volunteer Board members and staff – open to and accepting of many different types of people.  Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage, and develop high-performance teams.

7.    Effective Project Manager. Ability to manage projects to conclusion on time and within budget, including the identification of interim implementation milestones to keep the project on track and measure progress.

8.    One-to-One Fundraising Skills. The Executive Director must have knowledge and experience in fundraising techniques, including major gift fundraising and success as a recipient and implementor of grants.

9.    Entrepreneurial.  Action-oriented, adaptable, with an innovative approach to business planning and strong marketing skills.

10. Clear Communicator.  Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and public relations skills. The Executive Director must know how to actively receive input and listen to other viewpoints and move forward collaboratively.

11. Financial Acumen.  The Executive Director must understand finances, know how to develop and manage a budget, and recognize both financial opportunities and threats.

12. Appreciation for Farming or Agricultural.  In addition to strong leadership and managerial skills, the Executive Director must be able to understand and develop the skills to relate to/direct the Farm serving as a community resource and a working farming operation.

Executive Director Responsibilities

Planning, Oversight, and Management

1.    Responsible for overall Pitney Meadows operations, strategic planning, and managing implementation and workplans for staff and volunteers.

2.    Ensure organization’s efforts are aligned to its mission, goals, and brand.

3.    Establish and lead the organization’s “culture of appreciation” to ensure internal and external appreciation for people from all walks of life. Ensure systems and dialogue to elevate appreciation throughout the year. Model, and create, strong morale and teamwork within the organization.

4.    Ensure all necessary records, policies, and procedures are in place to support the safe and legal operation of the farm. Promote a culture of compliance with Pitney Meadows policies, and advance changes to policies as the organization grows.

5.    Support the Board of Directors and work with them and the staff to implement the organization’s goals, guidance, and priorities.  Seek and build Board involvement with strategic direction, program development, and operations

6.    Establish an Agricultural Advisory Council to build relationships, solicit input, and garner support in partnership with Board and staff.

7.    Lead, coach, develop and evaluate Pitney Meadows’ team, comprised of direct staff and independent contractors in key operational roles. Attend or assign Pitney Meadows staff to support and attend all committees to ensure close coordination across the entire organization.

8.    Oversee efforts to 1) recruit new volunteers and engage and energize existing volunteers; and 2) design and implement systems to improve the scheduling of volunteer efforts, track the progress of volunteer hours, and improve the volunteer experience.

9.    Develop and monitor systems to track programs and projects progress, regularly evaluate results, and identify areas for improvement or change.

10. Ensure Pitney Meadows remains in compliance with the Deed of Conservation Easement held by the City of Saratoga Springs. Manage the stewardship of the 166-acre property, as well as the cultivation of a portion thereof for produce sale, experimentation and educational purposes.  Maintain active connections to the regional agricultural sector.

11. Manage assigned major capital improvement and infrastructure development projects, including maintaining a comprehensive timeline, overseeing a fair and open procurement process, ensuring code compliance, and managing contractors


1.    Act as the public face of Pitney Meadows, interacting with media, businesses, partner organizations, and ensure proper meeting and greeting volunteers and visitors.

2.    Working with board and staff, create meaningful opportunities to solicit input from and engage diverse groups of stakeholders and regularly update them on the state of the organization.

3.    Oversee the annual development and implementation of a community outreach strategy including Farm calendar of events, web presence, social media, regular updates to volunteers and friends of the farm, annual reports, and donor correspondence, with the goal of communicating a compelling Pitney Meadows’ vision and building a stronger brand that expresses appreciation for staff, board, volunteers, partners, and funders.

Revenue and Financial Management

1.    Develop, manage, and monitor the annual budget adopted by the Board.  Communicate regularly with the Board and Executive Committee on all financial matters, including major purchases, grant compliance, loans, cash flow borrowing, and repayment plans.

2.    Work with the Fund Development Committee to oversee revenue streams including any philanthropic investment and grants to support both existing program operations and expansions.

3.    Oversee and implement donor culture of appreciation efforts.

Programs and Partnerships

1.    Oversee the educational programs offered by the farm, as well as key strategic partnerships with schools and community organizations.

2.    Working with board and staff, cultivate existing and new partnerships with other organizations to further the Pitney Meadows vision and mission and garner new opportunities.

3.    For all programs and partnerships, identify risks and challenges; working with relevant partners, volunteers and/or Board and staff, propose and implement solutions.


Compensation: This is a salaried, exempt position requiring some amount of evening and weekend work. Salary is based on the applicant’s experience. Pitney Meadows Community Farm is an equal opportunity employer.


How to Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@pitneymeadows.org

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