Letter from the Executive Director: Let’s Root for One Another

Dear Community,

Exciting news! Our Farm Stand will be stocked with brand-new, beautifully designed merch this month! We teamed up with the incredibly talented, local artist, Hyland Design, to create pieces that truly represent the heart and soul of Pitney Meadows.

The phrase "Let's Root for One Another" became our guiding principle throughout this creative process. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder that resonates with everyone, much like the golden rule.

Pitney Meadows offers connection and care in our fast-paced, often disconnected world. Here on the Farm, we frequently interact with community members amid their busy lives, whether they’re grabbing produce from the Farm Stand or quickly watering their garden plots. Often these interactions result in a wonderful exhale of a shared laugh, offer of help, or the awe of a beautiful sunset. From time to time, though, the disconnect can create a sharp edge that ripples through our hard-working team for low stock in the Farm Stand, delayed response times, or for, frankly, honest mistakes. 

Since I became Executive Director in September, I've emphasized to our team that "perfection is not our goal." We're a small team of twelve running a complex, multifaceted program, and mistakes are part of the process. We learn and improve from them. Embracing the idea of "rooting for one another" creates a supportive environment where our team can do their best without the pressure of unattainable perfection. This spirit fosters the kind of magic you can feel when you visit the Farm.

We also root deeply for our local farm partners. Our mission is to connect our community with the local food system, which includes educating everyone about seasonal foods and crop availability. Unlike grocery stores, our Farm Stand stock fluctuates with the seasons. And extreme weather events also impact availability. During last week’s heatwave, even the cows didn’t feel like producing milk—and who can blame them?

Pitney Meadows offers all of us a chance to learn the valuable lessons of living in harmony with the earth: patience, flexibility, and rooting for one another. Even though the land is conserved forever, our stewardship of it is temporary. Our actions connect us to both the past and the future. Our stewardship extends to the connections we make and the energy we bring to every interaction. How we engage with this community project today will impact future generations of stewards. That’s why “let’s root for one another” is the spirit we embody as a team and the commitment we ask from our community.

Through everything we do here at the Farm, from staff to board members, CSA members to Community Gardeners and visitors, we all pledge to treat one another well. Anything less would undermine our goal of building an interconnected, resilient community. Your role in upholding this simple yet profound principle is vital. Thank you for all you do to support the mission of Pitney Meadows and for the care you show one another.

Share this message with others by picking up some new merch in the Farm Stand!

With gratitude,

Brooke McConnell 

Executive Director, Pitney Meadows Community Farm 

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