Energy Audit Being Conducted

The NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has awarded Pitney Meadows Community Farm a grant for an energy audit of farming operations. This audit will provide engineering analysis to translate inscrutable utility bills into energy and cost estimates for each stage of crop production. From this the Pitney Meadows team will identify conservation opportunities in the context of optimizing the recently installed solar photovoltaic system.

An energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s use of energy. The ultimate goal is to find cost-effective solutions for decreasing energy usage without negatively impacting operations. Energy audits can help save money by identifying areas where energy is being wasted and recommending cost-effective strategies to conserve energy. An energy assessment can also help identify opportunities to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment, which can reduce energy consumption and save money over time. By performing regular energy audits, it’s easier to stay ahead of rising energy costs and become more sustainable by reducing your carbon footprint.

Dr. Mike Stiles of L&S Energy Services Inc. of Clifton Park, NY is taking lead on the audit, which is expected to conclude by early summer of 2024. He understands the impact Pitney Meadows' farming operations has on empowering food sovereignty within the Saratoga Springs community, and looks forward to sharing the results.


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