A Letter from Natalie

Dear Gardeners,

This season you will have a new Garden Director for the community gardens as I tend to family caregiving responsibilities. Joyce Carroll and I have already started working together on a smooth transition.

Launching the gardens was great. We brought so many ideas to fruition. The gardens flourished. And while all we accomplished is great, getting to know you was even greater.

You are a wonderful group and I am proud to have been part of the success from the butterfly garden, grandmother’s garden, the food donated to the pantries, the incredible growth, the adult and children education programs, the fairy festivals, the sunflowers and so much more.

And there is a new challenge that I am excited and enthusiastic about. That is my election to the board of directors of the American Community Gardening Association.  Their mission is to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across the United States and Canada.

It is my hope to work with others sharing our knowledge to create an ever stronger network of community gardens from coast to coast.  After my cross-country trips, I saw first hand how connecting people and linking our collective know-how helped with important issues such as food security and growing healthy organic produce following sound environmental practices.

There are great folks who are doing wonderful work in community gardens, improving quality of life with opportunities for recreation, exercise, job training, therapy and education.

I promise never to be out of touch with what is happening at Pitney Meadows. And I hope that you will keep me in your thoughts and reach out whenever you’d like.

I cherish the friendships created and couldn’t imagine not having you as part of my future.

I promise to come see you in the gardens.

Thank you for a great experience,

Natalie Walsh


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