Stay Tuned for News About Fire Feast

Fire Feast is Pitney Meadows Community Farm’s signature event, an annual outdoor live-fire cooking gala in July that brings together the talented regional culinary community and supporters of the sustainable food movement. This year, the direction of the event is in flux due
to COVID-19 concerns and uncertainty over whether New York state restrictions pertaining to large gatherings will be in place later this summer.

Although the dinner, in its traditional form as a large gala event, will likely need to be modified, Pitney board member Kim London is exploring ways to continue strengthening the connection between local farms and restaurants.

“Our chef and restaurant partners are also dealing with uncertainty, so we want to be careful not to ask them for too much,” says London, who has helped organize the Fire Feast since its inception, as an event that promotes a strong local food system. “We want to continue the education piece to build connections between farms and chefs—perhaps as a smaller scale industry networking event this year where chefs can learn about sourcing from local farms.”

“We’re hoping in some reduced capacity, we can still invite people to experience food and community on the farm, perhaps through a take-out option or car picnic,” London adds. “People look forward to Fire Feast, and it helps raise a lot of funds for Pitney Farm for our educational programs and food pantry initiatives. We’re nervous about losing this event and all the connections we’ve made. But we also worry about health concerns and our area chefs, who typically volunteer their efforts. We hate to see them struggling.”

Stay tuned for official news about a “reimagined” Fire Feast (current ticket holders will be apprised about the status and potential refunds).

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