Mare Pieper

Interim Executive Director

Mare’s history with Pitney Meadows goes back to the farm’s beginning. She was a member of the founding Board of Directors as well as the first Executive Director. Mare served as an interim ED for several months in the Spring of 2016 to help build the organization’s nonprofit infrastructure. When the call came in February of 2023 to consider returning as a part-time interim Executive Director during the Farm’s search for a full-time director, Mare was thrilled to have an opportunity to come back and offer support during this transition. It has been a joyful experience for her to see how the many ‘seeds’ and ideas that have been planted since 2016, have taken shape. With almost 30 years of nonprofit experience, and a lifelong passion for growing things, Mare is a leader who thrives when helping create and execute strategic vision, and who is also happiest when outside enjoying the gifts of nature. Currently, Mare is the Executive Director of a statewide maternal child health organization which she is guiding through its dissolution process. She has recently begun a new position at Business for Good in Saratoga Springs, where Mare is the new Director of Giving and Grants. She has held a variety of executive and development director roles in education, the arts, community-based human services, community agriculture, and public health. Mare has been providing consulting services to a wide variety of nonprofits on the East Coast since 2005 including strategic planning, fund development, and board development. Early in her career, Mare served as a family therapist with a specialization in adolescent substance abuse. Her work is centered on a deep belief in the power of everyone’s potential and a shared-resource, solutions-focused approach.

Mare holds a BS in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland, and an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy. In addition to serving on a range of community boards over the years, Mare is passionate about gardening, travel, music, finding ways to be active outdoors during each season, and spending time with family and friends. She can often be found working at the picnic tables on the farm while enjoying the view and is unapologetically vocal about her good fortune to be part of the talented team that is growing Pitney Meadows Community Farm!

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