Lynn Trizna

Executive Director

An experienced farm manager well versed in organic and sustainable farm practices, Lynn has a passion for preserving farmland, strengthening local farms, and inspiring communities to grow their own food.
Lynn joined Pitney following seven years with the Rodale Institute. Considered the birthplace of the organic farming movement, the Pennsylvania institute has been a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture for over 70 years. At Rodale, Lynn launched an innovative farm-to-hospital model in 2014 that has raised community awareness about healthy eating and produced thousands of pounds of high-quality, organic vegetables and fruits.

The collaboration between the Rodale Institute and St. Luke’s University Health Network established the 11.5-acre St. Luke’s Rodale Institute Organic Farm in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. Led by Lynn, this innovative partnership put 100 varieties of fresh organic vegetables and fruits on the plates of patients, employees and cafeteria visitors at 10 St. Luke’s campuses.

Lynn—or “Farmer Lynn,” as she is sometimes called—started working on farms years ago as a summer volunteer and intern. Although her bachelor’s degree is in urban studies with a concentration in environmental studies from the University of Pittsburgh, she fell in love with agriculture and decided to further her goal of making farms and communities more resilient through innovative partnerships.

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