Kara O'Malley Scieszka

Marketing & Communications

Kara is a trained herbalist and mom of two, who has always been extremely passionate about this region and all it has to offer. Both sets of her grandparents were farmers, and she loves celebrating local agriculture, making herbal remedies, supporting small businesses, saving old homes, and preserving history whenever she can.

Kara brings with her more than two decades of marketing and business experience, and has spent the better part of her career helping organizations create better relationships through social media, content marketing and public relations. Her talent for visual storytelling, creating meaningful customer/client experiences, and curating events has played a big part in her success.

When not at the Farm, you can find Kara exploring Nature with her husband, kids & labradors (Huckleberry & Ruby), playing with plants, restoring her 100-year-old cottage, or packing her suitcase for her next adventure.

A Sheer Stroke of Serendipity...
Kara's paternal grandfather Mark O'Malley immigrated to this area from Aillebrack, Ireland in 1911 with a dream of running his own farm. She recently learned from her father that Jerome Pitney, Sr. took her grandfather under his wing and mentored him, and the two families remained friends for years and years. Sadly Kara's family was not able to protect her grandfather's farm from development, but after learning of her family connection to the Pitneys, having a role in the legacy of Pitney Meadows takes on a whole new meaning!

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