Juliette Fredericks

CSA Intern

Juliette is passionate about people rekindling their relationship with Earth and supporting sustainable foodways. She believes food is one of the most intimate relationships we have with our bodies and the land, and hence holds excitement in the reverence for Earth, nourishment and joy that local feasting brings to communities.

With some background in vegetable, flower, and herb farming, as well as an environmental , food systems, and art degree from the University of Vermont, she is in a chapter of wanting to absorb and learn all she can about farming/living symbiotically with Earth and cultivating community.

Outside her love of farming, Juliette enjoys cooking nourishing food, hiking, biking painting, crafting with herbs and flowers, mushroom hunting, yoga, seeing live music, and sharing meals with friends. She is excited about becoming the CSA intern for the season!

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