Gina Peca

Co-Chair, Philanthropy Committee

A former attorney with experience ranging from the New York City Office of the Corporation Counsel to having served as a law guardian in Saratoga County Family Court, may be best known in the community for her work with the Catie Hoch Foundation assisting families dealing with pediatric cancer. Gina launched the foundation, named after her daughter, in 2000, after losing Catie to the disease. As a foundation specialist with the Community Hospice, Gina brought dynamic planning to fundraising event Touched by an Angel.

The daughter of onion and sod farmers in Batavia, New York, Gina is no stranger to farm life, and as a volunteer at the Franklin Community Center, she says, she appreciated the Pitney Meadows farm-to-food-pantry relationship.

"Saratoga is perceived as affluent," Gina says, "but there is a lot of poverty here. Pitney Meadows’ work to feed the hungry through these collaborations with community organizations like Franklin is amazing, and I wanted to be a part of it."

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