Byron Norsworthy

Assistant Farmer

Raised on top of a wooded hill overlooking Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Byron’s green thumb was first discovered when, as a schoolchild, he brought home a pumpkin plant in a paper cup and transplanted it into his mother’s garden, where it proceeded to take over. Despite his mother’s efforts to prune it back, the plant still produced three pumpkins for the proud young gardener. After graduating from Cornell University in 2006 with a degree in English, Byron took the next logical career step by becoming an apprentice at West Haven Farm, one of the first American farms to adopt the CSA model, in Ithaca, NY. Prior to joining Pitney Meadows, Byron was the farm manager at 9 Miles East Farm in Schuylerville, NY. Byron is now trying to contain his farming activities within a part-time role, since he is currently working on a degree in Accounting, which he puts to use during the winter months when he works as a CPA’s assistant. Never one to make definite plans, Byron is toying with the idea of becoming an income tax specialist so as to leave time for agricultural adventures during the summer and fall months. Byron lives just around the corner from Pitney Meadows Farm with his very patient wife and their nine-year-old daughter. He can sometimes be spotted giving Uber rides with his Prius late at night in downtown Saratoga. (If he gives you a ride, make sure to tip him well!)

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