A big part of our mission is to build meaningful community connections by bringing our neighbors closer to the land and one another. Our adult, youth, and family programming play a vital role in realizing this mission. From classes on gardening and harvesting to cooking and canning, we aim to offer a little something for everyone.

In addition to our current offering of educational workshops and classes, we have several focused initiatives:

Farm to School

Our Farm to School Program launched in early 2019 in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Saratoga Springs City School District. Our two-year grant-funded program through the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, now refunded for two additional years, allows us to grow food for our district as well as two other school districts. Working closely with Cornell Cooperative Extension, a farm to school curriculum will be developed for K-5, Middle School, and High School students including volunteer opportunities on the farm for High Schoolers and on-site field trips for the elementary schools.

Read more here.

Food Justice

In 2019, we committed to dramatically increase our growing capability for food donations. We installed a 55' x 80' "Giving Garden" dedicated to food donations to local food pantries. We have grown over 6,000 lbs of donated produce from this new garden. Working in partnership with the Franklin Community Center, we have accomplished the following in this first season:

  • Increased the number of people living in Saratoga County who have access to fresh vegetables
  • Together with donated produce from our farm fields, contributed over 6,000 lbs of fresh produce
  • Partnered with additional organizations like the Wilton-Saratoga Elks Senior Outreach to distribute produce to six senior centers and two additional rural food pantries
  • Offered meaningful volunteer opportunities for neighbors to contribute to this effort (growing, harvesting, distributing, etc.)

Read more about our season and the volunteers who made it happen here!

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