Fall Harvest CSA


Our Fall Harvest Box CSA program merges a traditional CSA model with our food security efforts. Participants will receive four boxed shares of our delicious Fall storage crops... three for themselves and one box to be donated to community members facing food insecurity.

Our Fall Harvest Box CSA program includes four total boxed shares...
Three for YOU, and one we GIVE.

Every other week, from October until the start of November you'll receive three (3) boxed shares of farm fresh seasonal produce such as winter squash, carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables, and have the option to join us in our carrot, squash or other fall crop harvests and processing events. (Each box will feed 2-4 people for 1-2 weeks.)

Participants are also encouraged to join our farm crew as we package the (fourth) "Thanks-GIVING" shares to be distributed mid-November to organizations such as Franklin Community Center, LifeWorks Action and other regional food pantries to help support our Food Sovereignty efforts.

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  1. Join in the annual rhythms of farm life.
  2. Make a season-long commitment to YOUR community farm and help to ensure the success of our mission.
  3. Cultivate a meaningful relationship with the Farm and with your fellow community members.
  4. Feel proud to invest in your community, health, and local economy.
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